I could explain all this to you, but first I'd have to break the glass cover over your heart, and there's no fixing that.  --Rumi


I'm a photographer based in Ashland, Oregon. I'm currently taking an extended break from all "professional" work. However, I'd be glad to hear from you at [email protected].



I'm also on... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keith.henty


I did not tell them what bound me closest to you. I did not say... how your willful resolution to wrest the secret of life gave me heart...and in your absolute indifference to public canons, you walked in the light of your inward heroism.

--James Joyce to Henrik Ibsen

Clients include Ashland Food Coop, Geos Institute, Hidden Springs Healing Center, Ashland Children's Theater, KS Wild, and others--individuals and businesses.


Keith Henty is an incredibly skilled photographer with an amazing eye for details and lighting. He did a great job with my portrait and has provided our organization with numerous photos for our reports. His pictures capture peoples' emotions and depth so well. Keith is also such a joy to work with - he is kind and humorous and easy-going. I highly recommend him.  

-Marni Koopman, Ph.D. 
Climate Change Scientist/Wildlife Biologist 
Geos Institute


Dear Keith,

My daughter secured an audition (in Portland) this first week of using your headshot photo!
Thank you,
-Frances (Medford, Oregon)
The photos turned out great. I am so grateful for Keith’s photo shoot! His artistic eye and passion for photography shows in his work, and we’re so pleased to have worked with him.  We used his photo in our wedding announcement. It’s been really wonderful to get such good feedback on our photo and we have Keith to thank for it.  
With consideration to composition and lighting, emotion and truth, he worked with us to give us exactly what we wanted. He’s a great listener and certainly cared. Our photo shoot was relaxed, interactive and really fun.  
His customer service with us was above and beyond. He was equally invested in providing high quality photos that really capture us and celebrated our marriage.
Thank you Keith for these photos that we’ll treasure forever! 
-Cil Stengel, (Phoenix, OR)

Keith has shared his talents with us over the past five years, photographing more than forty shows, events and classes. His work appears in all of our promotional material. He is, at once, creative, highly skilled, professional and inspiring. His ability to meet our theatre’s needs and tight deadlines (in his upbeat, affable way) make him, quite simply, a dream to work with.

-Kate Sullivan and Eve Smyth
Directors of the Ashland Chldren's Theatre (Ashland, Oregon)


Keith offers an insightful and sensitive perspective to everything he does. A man of great integrity and talent, he is easy to work with, a good listener and very professional. His vast media experience and community connections make him a valuable asset to any individual or organization he consults with.

-Lois Schlegel
Development Coordinator for THRIVE (The Rogue Initiative for a Vital Economy)
Medford, Oregon


Keith succeeded in boosting attendance at our events with his promotional skills. He booked two radio programs for us and got us in print, which proved very helpful for enrollment. He’s innovative, persistent, and very enjoyable to work with.

- Will Wilkinson
Co-founder, The C.H.I. Practice, Ashland, Oregon

Keith has been a wonderful support for us in launching our classes. In addition to getting us in magazines, on the radio, and photographing us, he has also been fun to work with. He is a positive and inspiring person to be with.

-Tashina Wilkinson
Hidden Springs Wellness Center, Ashland, Oregon


Keith and I worked together at Jefferson Public Radio. In his work, he combines his skilled professionalism with a never-ending sense of humor to make him both a master of his craft and a great joy to be with in a cramped space.

One reality was fundraising. We were often trapped in the studio, with no window, for hours on end with each other. Even in the best of circumstances it would be difficult to always be cheerful to the people you have been seeing more of than your family. Keith is a fabulous fundraising cell-mate. He was never grumpy, even after his third or fourth consecutive 5 a.m. Morning Edition shift. His sense of humor and easy-going nature carried him and the rest of us through. Plus, he is a great on-air pitcher! It’s easy to become wooden and repetitive, but Keith seemed to always keep things sounding fresh.

Keith is an awesome producer. He has had his work aired on National Public Radio as well as other regional programs. I highly recommend that you consider Keith. He will bring great qualities to any workplace.

-Annie Hoy, Outreach/Owner Services Manager, Ashland Food Coop, Ashland Oregon


As (a former) host of the Jefferson Exchange (a live, daily 2 hour call-in talk program on Jefferson Public Radio), Keith displayed the perfect balance of excellent questioning skills, listening skills, local knowledge, grasp of issues, along with a modesty that means he never dominated the interview. He facilitated the speaker to be front and center–whether she was a caller, or a guest-expert. Keith showed a kind and open approach to callers, combined with an ability to contain off-point rambling comments in a way that didn't put the caller down.

-Jenny, a Jefferson Public Radio listener in Roseburg, Oregon (via e-mail).