Happiness is. With Angela. Smith River CA, and the Cron Zinnia Patch

October 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

AngelaEnroute to the Northern California coast

Messing with the time-space continuum as I awaken this blog and add photos and info that are not...linear. In other words...this isn't now, but it is a good memory.

Traveling with my daughter, Angela. 

When driving on 199 from Oregon to Crescent City, CA, Angela and I like to stop at Patrick's Creek, where it runs into the Smith River. The campground was closed in March, but we walked down to the picnic area and to the Smith River. In this spot the river is shallow and very clear and clean, offset by the moss and dark roots of the trees.

Smith RiverSmith River, Northern California

 Below: Angela with an armful, coming out of the zinnia patch...at the Sweet Cron farm near Kerby, Oregon.


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